Easy DIY coffee table with toybox

If your living room is full of children’s toys; lego blocks that get stuck between your toes and stuffed animals everywhere, then you definitely need to make this easy DIY coffee table with toybox. The mobile drawer pulls out on either side and is ideal for packing away children’s toys when guests arrive.

Easy DIY elegant, modern coffee table

Elegant and sophisticated, this coffee table would cost upwards of R3500 ready made, but make it yourself and it will cost around R800 including paint to finish. The modern design offers plenty of storage space for books and accessories, and you have the option to paint in your choice of colour and add your own finishing technique.

Guide to painting your home exterior

If your home exterior is not looking as good as it should – cracks everywhere, paint is peeling and metalwork is starting to show rust, then now is the perfect time to think about fixing up and painting your home exterior, fittings and trim. The best time to paint your home exterior is during the…

How to adjust Euro or concealed hinges

Fitted as standard on the majority of kitchen cabinet and closet doors, Euro or concealed hinges were specifically designed to make installation easier for installers. The design of a Euro or concealed hinge allows for adjustments to be made simply by setting the screws that are an integral part of the hinge itself.

Easy DIY guide to rust prevention and treatment

South African homes are fitted with a variety of steel products; from steel security gates to steel burglar bars and grills, we use steel products to protect and provide home security. Without proper protection and regular maintenance steel becomes pitted with spots of rust that eventually lead to disintegration or structural failure in the case of hinges and locks. Here are some easy DIY tips for proper maintenance and repair of steel fittings.

Replacing doors in a home

When buying a home, whether already built or buying off-plan, you might end up with plain hollow-core doors fitted throughout the interior. There’s nothing wrong with hollow-core doors but they aren’t very decorative. Home improvement stores and online buying allows you access to affordable decorative doors, either panel or solid wood, that are easily installed and add far more detail to any home.

Low cost, low maintenance tips for securing a home

There are many ways in which a homeowner can secure their property to prevent any potential intruder, the number one method is to have an approved security system installed as they are proven deterrents. Alarm monitoring of this system is a must as it is a lifeline to the emergency services should something happen. However, here are some low cost, quick and easy tips for extra security at your home.

New options for homeowners with uPVC windows

For many years homeowners have been limited for choice when it comes to choosing window frames. Wood or steel window frames have been a standard for homes around the country, but with the introduction of uPVC window frames there is now a larger selection to choose from.

Top tips for a DIY kitchen revamp

Most of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether its preparing breakfast and school lunches for the kids, making a regular cuppa, or sharing the space with a partner to make the evening meal… the kitchen definitely is one of the most hardworking rooms in any home.

Revive an old chest of drawers

Clever use of paint techniques can breathe new life into old furniture. Internationally renowned Annie Sloan paints were used here to upcycle an old and tired chest of drawers.

A new level of luxury underfoot

Belgotex Carpets have launched a new range of soft and strong carpets that offer a new level of luxury underfoot. The SDX soft yarn range is the ultimate yard for long-lasting comfort and convenience.

Built in storage solutions for any home

In a home that is small and compact, or open plan with limited floor space there’s no better way to put the available space to good use than by adding built-in storage.

How to use a hole saw

Using a hole saw can come in extremely handy when you need to drill holes in countertops, worktops, desks or at the back of cabinets to allow for cables and cords to be pushed through. We needed to make a hole in a worktop to allow our battery chargers to sit on top, with the cords underneath close to the power outlet.

Dress a home in reclaimed style

Discover the charm of dressing a home with reclaimed style, whether it’s furniture you rescue from a salvage yard, pieces down at the bottom of the garden that you restore, or ones that you make using reclaimed materials.

Keep your linens organised

If you find that you have to dig around in a pile of jumbled linens to pull out a matching bed set, or you are unable to locate that matching set of guest towels, chances are your linen closet is jammed to capacity. Organising a linen closet allows you to easily and quickly take stock of what you have and find what you need without hassle.

Restore oiled or waxed kitchen cabinets

Over time, wooden kitchen cabinets become dull due to regular cleaning and polishing. With the proper tools and materials, restoring kitchen cabinets to their original beauty is a worthwhile DIY project that will have your cabinets looking almost as good as new.

How to strip layers of paint

Removing layers and layers of paint or varnish can be extremely messy, especially if you use a sander or chemical paint stripper. If you have plenty of tasks to do that involve stripping paint or varnish it might be a good idea to invest in a heat gun.

Waterproofing a tiled balcony

When not properly waterproofed a tiled balcony can lead to a multitude of problems, especially a balcony sited above other rooms in a property. Water damage from balconies can cause extensive water damage to interiors and result in damp, peeling paint and other structural problems that can be expensive to fix.