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5 simple metabolism boosters for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to get your body back into a healthy state. Start by boosting your metabolism with these well-known hacks.

Visit Karoo National Park for free to experience new Doornhoek lookout point

Karoo National Park is well known for a wide variety of wildlife scattered across varying topographical landscapes and altitudes. While it may be difficult to grasp the magnitude of its endless plains and towering dolerite cliffs, standing at the new Doornhoek lookout point provides some perspective on what the vast Karoo has to offer.

Golden Gate Highlands Mountain Retreat

Nestled in the rolling foothills of the Maluti Mountains of the north eastern Free State lies the Golden Gate Highlands National Park.

Ancient Babylonian trigonometry table teaches us something new

A 3 700 year-old cuneiform clay tablet not only contains the world’s oldest trigonometric table; it is also the only completely accurate trigonometric table, because of the very different Babylonian approach to arithmetic and geometry.

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park meerkats will melt your heart

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is personified by its red dunes and scrub that fade into infinity and herds of gemsbok, springbok, eland and blue wildebeest. One of its major attractions is its resident meerkats.

World Water Week highlights global water crisis

It’s World Water Week and organisations across the globe have highlighted the water problems we face today. In Cape Town, the drought continues as residents are urged to cut collective consumption.

Numbers of the elusive sand cat are thought to be declining

Populations of the shy and secretive sand cat, the only cat adapted to living in the true deserts of North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, are thought to be declining due to habitat loss and falling numbers of prey species.

Lang Elsie brought back to life

It might be a place of simplistic beauty and charm, but there is also a lot of cultural history in South Africa’s smallest national park: The Bontebok National Park.