Legal Notices

IN THE MAGISTRATE`S COURT FOR THE MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT OF JOHANNESBURG NORTH, HELD AT RANDBURG CASE NUMBER: 20879/2015 In the matter between:- MICHAEL RICHARD BERRY N.O. First Plaintiff ELIZABETH BERRY N.O. Second Plaintiff FREDERIK GRESSE VAN DEVENTER N.O. Third Plaintiff and JENNIFER GREEN Defendant NOTICE IN TERMS OF RULE 23(1) TAKE NOTICE THAT in terms of Rule 23(1) the Plaintiffs hereby requires the Defendant within 20 (twenty) days after receiving this notice, to make discovery on oath of all documents and tape, electronic, digital or other forms of recordings, relating to any matter in question in this action (whether such matter is one arising between the party making discovery and the party required to make discovery or not), which are or have at any time been in the possession or control of the Defendant. DATED AT JOHANNESBURG ON THIS THE 8th DAY OF SEPTEMBER 2017 DE BRUYN ATTORNEYS Plaintiffs` Attorneys 24A Grant Avenue Norwood, JOHANNESBURG Tel: (011) 728 7728 Fax: (011) 728 7727 E-mail:">">[email protected]"> Ref: Mr E De Bruyn/T001 - ML026510