Gardener Employment Wanted

MICHAEL (MWN) trusted, hardworker seeks gardening work full- time, accom. Ref 064‑081‑2481. Direct 062‑728‑6960 - SI060866

My hardworking LACKSON (MWN) is looking for a job full-time or part-time. He is reliable, honest and has been with us for 5 years. His duties are gardening, house work, ironing etc. For reference contact me Niclas Jojn on 073‑935‑9431. Lackson 084‑490‑5996 - SI060869

JERE (MWN) seeks gardening/ painter/ houseman work part-time. Ref 074‑272‑8787. Direct 082‑555‑3866 - SI060830

AUGUSTINE (MWN) seeks 5 days work Mon to Fri as a gardener/ houseman/ pool cleaning/ lawn mowing/ planting flowers/ ironing/ bedding/ diswashing etc. Trustworthy with reliable personality, honesty, hardworking with 3 yrs exp. Ref 082‑478‑1409. Direct 076‑220‑9804 - SI060832

CHRESCENT (MWN) seeks gardening/ painter/ houseman/ office cleaner work part/ full- time with accom. Ref 061‑276‑5504. Direct 071‑768‑5378 - SI060840

BENARD Chama is my hardworking gardener who is seeking part/ full-time work. He is reliable, trustworthy and highly recommended. A person with good manners. Ref 082‑909‑0111. Direct 073‑827‑7199 - SI060843

DICKSON Malawian seeks gardening, caretaker, design, landscaping, pool cleaning, car cleaning on Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat with a room. Apart from him being completely hardworking person, intelligent, intellectual, industrious, initiative, competent, pleasant, diligent, knowledgeable, excellent, energetic, strong man, humble, professioanl, passionate, faithful, peaceful, reliable, honest, trustworthy, but also he is friendly with kids and animals as well. Always enthusiastic and friendly. Age 42. He is a boss of the garden, he is a superman and also he is happy to do whatever job is required. For good details contact me Lorna directly 082‑491‑8632 or 071- 721-4645. - SI060846

INNOCENT (MWN) seeks gardening/ houseman work part-time Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun. Reef 011‑463‑7949. Direct 073‑151‑9125 - SI060814

FRANCIS (MWN) is looking for a job as cook, houseman, house keeping, painter, gardener full/ part-time with accom and 8 yrs exp. Ref Catherine 082‑445‑1348. 073‑450‑6288 / 062‑520‑6725 - SI060824

GEORGE (MWN) honest, hardworking, reliable and always willing to learn new things seeks gardening work part-time. Ref Mrs van Rensburg 083‑668‑0641. Direct 083‑239‑9346 - SI060794

FRANCIS (MWN) honest, hardworking, reliable and always willing to learn new things seeks gardening work part-time. Direct 083‑996‑2968 - SI060795

ANTONIO (ZIM) seeks gardening/ houseman/ driver work full-time. Code 10, PDP. Ref 083‑945‑8222. Direc t 071‑932‑9634 - SI060797

MIKE (MWN) honest, hardworker seeks gardening work part-time Tues, Thurs, Sat. Has refs. Direct 078‑682‑2308 - SI060789

ESSAU (MWN) is honest, hardworker looking for gardening work full- time. Ref 072‑013‑4446. Direct 084‑778‑9313 - SI060779

RICHARD (MWN) with 6 yrs exp seeks gardening/ psinter. handyman/ houseman work part/ full-time, sleep-in or out. Ref 073 ‑945‑2349. Direct 083‑366‑4279 - SI060725

TOP REFERENCE AVAILABLE CLEMENT Malawian is looking for a job as gardener. driver/ painter with more than 4 yrs exp. For more info call me Dean 074‑110‑0855. Direct Clement 078‑653‑9391 - SI060735

HUMPHREY (MWN) is looking for gardening work part-time Mon, Tues, Fri. Ref 076‑791‑8703. Direct 078‑249‑7721 - SI060739

CHARLES (MWN) is looking for a job as a gardener. He is a very hard worker with 2 years experience. Has a passport and work permit. He seeks Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For reference: 066‑253‑2522 Direct: 078‑903‑0613 - DM000404


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