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Midweek social... Sebastien and Valerie Legentil.

The French senator, Claudine Lepage, visited Johannesburg to meet the community and learn about the culture. She said she had noticed that Johannesburg has a dynamic community and suggested French people should not only come for a holiday to the country, but also to live in South Africa.

She said there was a concern with the level of crime when she visited in 2009, and the community had spoken more of security measures.

“Crime seems to be less of a topic nowadays. I don’t live here and don’t know exactly, it is just a feeling of what people are talking about,” she said.

Lepage said she was happy to see French people living happily in South Africa. “They enjoy this country and climate, and many people are trying to grow their businesses,” she said.

Guests enjoyed the art, tasted a selection of wines and were treated to a performance of African djembe drums.

Vice president of the French Association, Nawaz Nujurally said they hosted intimate evenings with the community every two months and try to showcase a mix of French and African culture.

Tamara Arden

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