Free cement to fix your own road

A bumpy ride… The dangerous potholes on Ballyclaire Drive in Bryanston.

Rainstorms have not been kind to Joburg’s crumbling roads.

Joburg Roads Agency last night admitted that there was a endless backlog of upgrades and maintenance needed to be done on roads across the city due to heavy downpours in February and March.

With a limited work force they have now been forced to focus attention on main arterial routes in the city, and might have to delay patching potholes on residential roads.

Road maintenance and safety are however on top of the agency’s list and to this end the agency has partnered with cement companies.

The partnership is offering free cement to homeowners to patch potholes outside their property to ensure the pothole menace is at least less severe.

To claim a 25kg bag of cement, homeowners need to visit their local municipal office with proof of residence, identification and two photos of the potholes in their road.

Joburg Roads Agency officials will be stationed at municipal offices for the next two weeks to do on-the-spot evaluation of photos. If more than 25kg of cement is needed, they will allocate it. Anybody that is renting a property will need to bring a signed affidavit to show they are renting a property.

Pro-active residents that claim cement for their road will also ensure the road is listed on the agency’s earmarked list of problem roads.

Cement is a short-term solution to the problem, as the agency hopes to start resurfacing residential roads by August.

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