French spread message of freedom, equality and brotherhood

The association aims to spread awareness of French culture in the community.

According to the vice-president of the association, Navaz Nujurally, their commitment is to create “links between the French community and people of South Africa”.

“We believe in those strong values cherished by France – freedom, equality and brotherhood, and would like to share and learn from South Africa,” said Nawaz.

Nawaz said the association was created to benefit French and South African communities.

They provide opportunities to share their culture and invite the community to participate in the events they organise.

The association also provides information to French nationals about South Africa. “We help channel queries to the relevant people in their professional fields so we can provide information to people interested in living in South Africa,” said Nawaz.

“Most people think South Africa is a dangerous place. We need to break that notion and discuss and share security issues with concerned people,” he added.

President of the association, Serge Adjovi said there had been a gradual increase in the French community’s presence in South Africa.

Tamara Arden

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