Sinkhole on Coleraine Drive

An accident waiting to happen… Ward 103 councillor Vincent Earp inside the sinkhole on Coleraine Drive in Riverclub.

Ward 103 councillor Vincent Earp said he had escalated the residents’ complaints to the City of Johannesburg and nothing had been done. “The Johannesburg Roads Agency has been informed and all they did after saying they investigated the matter was to put up some tape along the side, said Earp. “This is not good enough. The site is an accident waiting to happen.”

He said one of the residents, Derek Spaull first reported the condition of the road in October 2012 before the sinkhole appeared. Spaull apparently emailed his complaint to roads agency personnel and said: “When leaving Parkmore to enter Coleraine Drive, there is a complex called Everglades and on its left there is significant subsidence where the heavy concrete steps have sunk. Also, there is a large cave-like hole that is not far from the road. This looks to me as though it will eventually collapse and possibly cause the road to sink with it.”

Phillip Otto of the roads agency responded to Spaull’s email and said the matter would be investigated.

“My concerns went unheeded,” said Spaull in an email to Earp. “The repair work now required is far more extensive and could have been largely avoided. As usual, no doubt the Sandton ratepayers will have to foot the bill.”

Another resident, Sue du Plessis, also wrote to Earp and said, “Rumours are running rife amongst residents that this section of the road is not stable and certainly not safe for large trucks carrying bricks or other heavy loads. Large vehicles carrying heavy loads are a common sight along Coleraine Drive and it would be tragic if there was an accident.

“I am sure that the residents will feel a lot safer knowing that this collapse has been properly looked at and that the condition of the road is assessed.”

No further comment was received from the roads agency in time for publication.

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