Lose the Christmas flab

Clinical dietician Nicole Sacks

Illovo-based clinical dietician Nicole Sacks shares some tips on how to lose the Christmas flab. “The party season starts and the discipline flies out the windows. I understand that it’s hard to always say ‘no’ to the delicious meals and yummy drinks, especially at the end of the year when it’s time to let go and have fun,” she said. Sacks said she tells her patients that Christmas is really one meal and that they should enjoy it. “That meal is seriously no the time to start saying no,” she said. “Please spare yourself the ridiculous New Year’s resolutions. You are not going to stop smoking, stop drinking and lose 10kg all at once. Forget the resolutions and decide to be healthy. The rest will follow.” Sacks said people could put her tips into practice as soon as Christmas was over, or they could wait until January to begin the battle of the bulge. “Do not drink your calories. No coldrinks, alcohol, fruit juices, smoothies etc. Stick to water only,” she said. Sacks suggested that snacks be limited to fruit or vegetables. Avoid crisps, cakes, biscuits and chocolates. “Avoid takeout food. It’s time to start cooking again. If you make it, you know what has gone into it,” she said. Sacks also suggested that food portions be plated with caution. “Our eyes are usually bigger than our stomachs, so dish up small portions, and if you are still hungry, you can always get more.” Sacks’ last word on shedding the festive fat might come as a relief to those not won over by the idea of hours in a gym. “When it comes to exercise, you do not have to ‘hit’ the gym seven days a week. It has been shown that anything is better than nothing. If you can walk for half an hour two to three times a week, then do it. Don’t make excuses. It’s good for body and mind,” she said.

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