Ullmann Park community fights for land

Friends of Ullmann... Educator Elsie van Soelen, Margot Johnson and dance teacher Jenny Rahme.

The City of Johannesburg plans to privatise and lease different parks in the area to generate income for disadvantaged areas.

Educator Elsie van Soelen, dance instructor Jenny Rahme, ex-committee member Margot Johnson and chairperson of the Sandspruit and Ullmann Park Conservation Project, Syd Land were part of the panel at the meeting. About 100 residents signed a petition in opposition to the city council leasing the land.

The meeting highlighted the importance of the community making use of the facilities. “We need people to come here,” said Land. “This is our heritage. It belongs to us, not the city.”

Chairperson of Sandton Community Police Forum Sector 4, Judith Taylor pleaded with the community to think about the future of the centre for their grandchildren. “We need to act as a community and be involved in our public spaces and make our voice heard,” said Taylor.

Johnson added, “If we leave it too long, the land will go to a developer.”

Tamara Arden

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