Police Minister Bheki Cele releases annual crime statistics, we take a look at Sandton

The minister of police released the annual crime statistics at a briefing in Parliament today.

The figures released paints a picture of the crime situation in the country and details the number of cases reported nationwide.

In the previous financial year of 2016/2017, the total number of serious reported crimes in the 17 categories was 1 738 980 and for the current year of 2017/2018, the number is 1 662 815 reported crimes.

This is a drop of 76 165 cases.

A worrying statistic is an increase in the murder rate which is noted as 20 336 nationally, compared to 19 016 for the previous year.

In the Sandton policing area, Sandton is in the national top 30 stations with 7 616 reported crimes in the precinct in the 17 categories of crimes.

The statistics for murder increased with 15 murders, which is six more murders than the previous year. However, attempted murder decreased by six cases to 11 reported cases.

Sexual offences increased to 59 cases with 32 of the cases reported as rape.

Carjacking also increased with five more cases totalling 95.

Robbery at residential premises has a slight decrease with 208 cases reported, 18 cases less than the previous year. Burglary at residential premises also decreased from 670 cases to 487 cases.

Theft of motor vehicles and motorcycles had a slight increase with 368 cases reported. In addition, theft out of motor vehicles also decreased to 957, a drop of 629 cases from the previous year.

The full list of reported crime statistics can be viewed on the police website.


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