Crawford Pre-Primary save the planet

Lanyi Zhou, An Qi Su and Emir Leo Vural.

The Grade 000s at Crawford Pre-Primary Sandton recently spent a week learning about how to save the planet and look after what we have.

Special focus was given to why this is such an important task. The children learnt about saving water, picking up litter, recycling and not wasting.

Valuable lessons were learnt that will ensure a brighter and cleaner future for all.

At the end of the week, the children decorated their own special crown to wear which reads “I will save the world”.

Markella Nicolettis, Alexis Kolbe and Eason Zhu.

Dhanika Dalal, Soham Chhita and Daniel Wate.

Matthew Abdul, Abigail Grieve and Henry Jarvis.

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