Two murder accused turn against each other in court


Murder accused, Maxwell Mpofu and Mduduzi Ncube have turned against each other.

The two appeared in the Randburg Magistrates’ Court on 2 October, on a charge of murder. The duo is now conducting their own defence as the legal aid attorney they had has withdrawn from the case due to a conflict of interest.

Ncube has pleaded guilty to the crime and also implicated his co-accused, Mpofu in committing the same crime.

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According to Ncube’s version, Mpofu is actually the one who beat the deceased to death with a golf stick during a fight outside a tavern in Diepsloot. Ncube also admitted to taking part in the brawl but insists that he only beat the deceased with a few fists.

On the other hand, Mpofu insists that he was not with his co-accused on the day in question when the deceased was beaten to death outside a tavern. Mpofu has requested the state to assist him to obtain cellphone records that he believes will prove that he was not with his co-accused. “He called me several times asking for help. If I was with him, why would he call me?”

Ncube also told the court that Mpofu was threatening and harassing him for telling the truth. “I don’t even feel safe standing next to him like this. When we were coming up (from the holding cells to court) he was busy threatening me saying I must keep him out of this.”

Their case was postponed to 20 November for more witnesses to be called.


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