WATCH: ‘Malome Pule’ memorial service held at Sandown

A table is covered with flowers at the memorial service.


A memorial service for the principal of Sandown High School was held on 2 August at the school. Principal Pule Kgaratsi was born on 29 January 1966 and was shot in the south of Johannesburg on 30 July this year. Details surrounding his death remain unclear.

His memorial service was attended by hundreds of people including friends, family, colleagues and schoolchildren.

Pule’s niece, Lerato Malebye, said he was affectionately known as Malome Pule. “The better part of his childhood was spent in the Molefe’s household where Queen Molefe and George Molefe provided care and guidance for him,” said Malebye.

Tebogo Molefe, a nephew of Kgaratsi said, “Kgaratsi was the first black principal of Sandown and came from the township. He has left a massive legacy behind, for instance, the way the children conduct themselves and their determination.”

Molefe said his uncle was actively involved in dance and the arts. “He used to give dance classes on a Saturday in Newtown.

“His love for dance saw him join Moving Into Dance and he had the opportunity to travel extensively internationally performing in places like Spain, Germany, Australia and other countries on the African continent,” said Molefe.

“Before he was appointed at Sandown, he was deputy principal at Itirele-Zenzele Secondary School in Diepsloot.”

Malebye said Kgaratsi had a passion for learning and this was displayed in his career spanning over 20 years as an educator.

“He believed that education provided the tools to change people’s lives and as a result encouraged his students to pursue excellence in their quest for learning,” said Malebye.

Kgaratsi’s older sister Queen said, “The people that did this devastating act do not realise the gravity of their actions. As a family, we are hurting deeply as a result of the loss of my younger brother.

“We are devastated and we are left with a huge void, however, we would like to forgive the perpetrators of this act for the sake of our healing process.”


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Pieter Dempsey

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