Elders don’t need gifts – they need our time

Head boy, Gareth Rigden and head girl, Reagan de la Rey with Nora Derbyshire who wrote and read her touching poem for the Bryanston Primary Prefects during their visit to the Lodge Retirement Village.


The prefects of Bryanston Primary School recently went on their annual visit to the Lodge Retirement Village in Bryanston as an act of goodwill as part of their 67 minutes for Mandela Day.

The residents bubbled with energy and enthusiasm as they smiled and hummed in tune to the music of a ukelele, guitar, piano, flute and the school song brought on by the students.

While enjoying some delicious treats with tea served by the prefects, the elderly residents engaged in joyous interaction and shared special stories and experiences, which proved to make quite an impression on the young minds in attendance.

Empowering young women

Everyone was captivated with Nora Derbyshire, a 92-year-old resident who wrote a special poem for the occasion that she read out to the children, which resulted in an emotional response from everyone who shared the special time together.

Liana Bezuidenhout, head of the Bryanston Primary prefects said, “Our school believes in giving first-hand experiences to our learners and as part of the school’s initiative to sensitise our young leaders to the aged and the needy, we visit the home annually. These visits have a deep impact on the children, teaching them respect and care for their parents and elders.”

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Norah’s Poem:

Year after year they visit us anew

They arrive at our ‘Home’ like the fresh morning dew.

Bringing their cheerfulness, their youth and their joy

Looking resplendent – each girl and boy.

How refreshing it is in this day and age

To witness such thoughtfulness as we turn over the page.

Such generosity of heart and of mind

We thank you and praise you – you are one of a kind.

What treasures outreaching in time and in grace

What joy you bring with your smiling face.

Waiters and waitresses, refreshments galore

A party to remember as we are three scores and more.

Thank you to your parents for their generosity and kind

Their home bakes, I am sure, are the best that you could find.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and your spirit of glee

Bringing your smiles for each one to see.

Thank you, thank you, prefects one and all

We appreciate your generosity as you heard the call.

You have brightened our day, another memory to share

Go forth as examples that you really do care.

You did your very best and you pleased us all

Thank you, thank you, you may all stand tall!

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