Bears and pigs go to junior school in Sandton

Riley Cross dresses up as Paddington Bear. He is so excited to take on the day as Paddington.


Junior College Preschool Sandton enjoyed a dress-up day as the little ones dressed up as a character of their choice.

Tabitha Carins, principal of the preschool said, “Dressing up in costumes is important to early childhood development in toddlers. Imaginary play encourages social development because the children are simultaneously behaving as themselves and as someone else.”

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Two of the children, Riley Cross and Willow Harris dressed as Paddington Bear and a cute little pig respectively.

Carins added, “This gives them a chance to explore the world from different perspectives, and develops skills to think about two ways of being, at once, something that children may have difficulty doing in other circumstances. They also tend to explore and learn new things about themselves by experiencing the behaviours of their character and deciding what they like and dislike.”

Carins said dressing up also helped with the development of children’s communication skills and their imagination came into focus.

Willow Harris dresses up as a cute little pig. She enjoyed her day, teaching all her friends about what pigs do for fun.

“We encourage our little ones to discover and develop themselves into little individuals with purpose and confidence.”

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