Sandton Sinai’s exploding science expo

Raphael Finkel in Grade 1 of Sandton Sinai Junior Primary School shows off his astronaut suit and space rocket at the school's recent science expo. Photo: Supplied

Children of Sandton Sinai’s Junior Primary School gathered to display their science projects and perform live science experiments for family and friends at the school’s science expo.

The school’s recently revised homework policy has reduced the daily grind in favour or project-based work. This term’s projects focused on various interpretations of scientific concepts relating to the curriculum of each grade.

Grade Rs presented projects relating to the seasons, making use of recyclable materials. The Grade 1s, who had been learning about space and audiences, treated audiences to a life-sized astronaut cut-out, a mini planetarium and an experiment on gravity to name a few.

Grade 3 children at Sandton Sinai Junior Primary School, Jenna Hodes and Shanti Daitz, pose with Jenna’s exploding volcano. Photo: Supplied

Grade 2s displayed water-based applications, including filtration, desalination, a hydro-powered lift and drip irrigation. Grade 3s conducted food experiments, including exploding volcanoes, bouncing eggs, ice-cream making (without a freezer) and dancing raisins. Grade 4s showed off their inventions including a water pipe that collects water from a gutter and a double mop and broom.

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All the examples were demonstrated and explained by the young scientists in the making. Sandton Sinai prides itself on its Integrated Education Model, ensuring that children develop strong methodical thinking and critical thinking skills.


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