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Tori is a six-month-old male cat dressed in a little tuxedo. He is ready to swoon and sweep you off your feet! Super friendly, loves being held, gentle and an absolute delight to be around. Our volunteers stand in line to get a cuddle from this handsome fellow. Is he the man of your dreams?


The Sandton SPCA has a number of precious pets up for adoption this week. Please note that there is an adoption fee payable which covers the cost of vaccinations, deworming and sterilisations. A home inspection is compulsory before an animal can be adopted.

Lucy and Roxy were surrendered together. Lucy is a five-year-old Jack Russel-cross and Roxy is a two-year-old pitbull.
Roxy loves galloping around catching balls and always has time for a cuddle or two.
Little Lucy is a little older than some of our other residents, but her extra years only make her more loving, docile and sweet.
Both these ladies would love a second shot at finding a forever home. Needless to say homing them together would be ideal, but we can home them separately.


Toby is a three-month-old male tabby. He is the most loving cat with definite lap-cat potential here. Very docile, friendly and used to people and those beautiful stripes on his coat are sure to make even Tigger jealous! All he needs is a sunny spot on a couch to snuggle into. Have any space on your couch for this darling?


Widget is an eight-month-old medium breed female. She thinks she is a lap dog and is very affectionate. All she wants is to be cuddled, held and kissed. She is friendly with any dog and humans and her love knows no bounds. She is still young and is docile enough to adapt to any household. This cuddle bug is so special and she would make an amazing partner in life to any family.


Brie is an eight-month-old ginger female cat. Brie was named after the cheese because like the cheese she is wonderful, complex and gooey at the centre. A very inquisitive, petite and lovable little thing, you will not be able to get enough of her!


Clio is a one-year-old tri-colour mix breed male. He is boisterous, lively and oh-so-happy to be alive and running in the sunshine.
He is definitely a people’s person, so it would probably be best if he were the king of his own home and doesn’t have to share the attention with any other dogs.

Details: 011 444 7730.

Have you adopted one of the adorable animals the SPCA has to offer? How has your life changed since then? Share your stories with us on the Sandton Chronicle Facebook page.

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