Safety day for youngsters at Crawford Pre-Primary Sandton

Matthew Pool dresses as a firefighter.


The Grade 000 to 0s from Crawford Pre-Primary Sandton recently had a visit from ER24 paramedics, their ambulance and the Sandton Fire Station.

The aim of the visit was to teach the children what to do in an emergency. They were able to try on the heavy equipment worn by brave firefighters and went inside the ambulance to see what it really looks like and heard the very loud sirens. In addition they learnt how to ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’.

Bianca Fleishman, Grade 000 teacher (holding the cake) with ER24 paramedics and firefighters form the Sandton Fire Station.

The children were able to listen to their own heartbeats through a stethoscope and dress up like a real paramedic. They were each given emergency numbers to put up on the fridge at home as well as a triangle bandage to keep in case of emergencies.

The school thanked ER24 and the Sandton Fire Station.


Geada Pillay at the demonstration from ER24 and the Sandton Fire Department.

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