#JusticeForMiranda: Case opened against cops who laughed at victim of assault

Miranda Lumka Jacobs' head after being hit by a glass during her assault in Morningside. Photo: Supplied

Police have opened a disciplinary case against the officers who were accused of laughing at Miranda Lumka Jacobs following her assault in Morningside last month.

Jacobs alleged that she was beaten up by a man [name withheld] following an argument in the early hours of the morning on 24 June.

She reported that she gave money to some of the man’s friends to pay for transport to the apartment in Loudoun Lane, Morningside, where they and a number of friends had met to socialise.

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When he refused to pay her back, an argument ensued. She alleged that he smashed glass in her face and beat her until she blacked out.

Jacobs said, “When the police arrived, I asked the two officers if they were going to arrest him and they laughed in my face. They said they wouldn’t arrest him because we were under the influence of alcohol.”

She later took to social media to name and shame the suspect, appealing to media, police and organisations against gender-based violence to hear her case. After the social media post, Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula sent officials to hear her story and a case was opened. On 3 July, no case had been opened against the police officers.

Miranda Lumka Jacobs posts photos of herself on Facebook after her alleged assault on 24 June. Photo: Supplied

Spokesperson for Sandton Police Station, Constable David Mothapo called Sandton Chronicle on 12 July and said that a disciplinary case had been opened against the officers and was under investigation.

Jacobs responded to the news saying, “I just want this guy caught. If they arrested him in the first place, this would not be the situation. The police need more training. Those men don’t deserve to be police officers. Where can one go to report these situations if the police behave like this.”

She added that she was upset with the police who she said has not answered her calls or updated her on the progress of her case.

The hashtag #JusticeForMiranda has been created to generate comment on the incident.

Details: 10111.


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