Literacy tutors from help2read host holiday reading clubs

Literacy tutors are making a huge impact on young learners during the school holidays. Photo: help2read


South African literacy organisation, help2read, helps the youth to engage with the world of business creatively while they also provide critical literacy infrastructure and services to their communities in Gauteng and nationally.

On 3 July, 14 literacy tutors hosted the first two holiday reading clubs at Ekukhanyisweni and Iphuteng Primary Schools in Alexandra. More than 150 children from Grade 1 to 6 attended the first day of the week-long programme.

By helping its trained literacy tutors to establish safe, educational and recreational holiday reading clubs, help2read hopes to build essential community services to support working parents whilst expanding the opportunities for primary school children to learn and have fun.

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The holiday clubs have emerged from help2read’s literacy tutor programme which aims to build the skills of the youth while providing reading help to struggling learners. Trained literacy tutors assist children by providing dedicated one-on-one reading help and literacy skills development activities during term time.

Recognising their significant potential to provide important community services during holiday time, the tutors received additional training from various help2read partners to further develop their skills to engage learners in an enjoyable way and to strengthen their interest in and love of reading. Games, songs, playacting stories and collective reading of books go a long way to improve skills of comprehension and vocabulary.

“We are so grateful for the opportunity for our leaners to have new experiences that reinforce their literacy,” said Andrea Vilakazi, the vice principal for Iphuteng Primary School.

The holiday reading clubs are set to become a fixture during each school holiday. If you want to support a reading club, please contact help2read at [email protected]

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