Uncontrolled U18 party in Morningside sees drugs, alcohol and alleged rape

An uncontrolled U18 party got out of hand on 1 July at 96 Ridgeway Close in Morningside where teenagers were reported to be drinking, smoking, consuming drugs and disturbing vehicles driving through the street.

A mother, who preferred to remain anonymous out of fear that her daughter would be victimised, said she had to rescue her daughter and some of her friends from the party at 9 pm.

She said that the children were invited to a supervised U18 party at 98 Ridgeway Close, but when she dropped the children off, there was a house with the number 98 and it was clear that the party was taking place at number 96.

She alleged that children were smoking, drinking and consuming drugs at the party which appeared to be completely unsupervised. Her daughter also informed her that a girl was raped at the party later in the evening.

Merle Oshry also complained about the same party, which she drove past at around 11 pm on 1 July. Oshry said she had just dropped a friend off at home in Centre Road and was driving home through Ridgeway Drive to get to Bowling Avenue.

“As I turned, I saw this crowd of kids and cars on either side of the road and there was no space to turn around and go another way and had to just carry on driving through this uncontrolled area with taxis and cars all over the place and cars hooting,” said Oshry.

She reported that there was a policeman trying to direct traffic near a boomed road, but he was unable to do this alone. Oshry estimated that there were about 100 people in the street.

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“The road was full of broken glass and bottles and debris from takeaway food. These kids were going wild in the street just walking anywhere and at one spot stood in front of my car facing me and dancing and not letting me drive through. They were obviously drunk and had littered the area with broken bottles.”

She said that she reported the incident to the Gallo Manor Police Station, who told her they had received numerous complaints about the party that night.

The spokesperson for Sandton Police Station, Constable David Mothapo said that cases of rape had been opened and are being investigated.

Mothapo urged parents to not allow their children to attend unsupervised parties. “If children are invited, parents should verify the legitimacy of the party and whether there is adult supervision. They should be the ones supervising the party and ensuring there is no liquor being consumed.

“If you suspect there is liquor, we can intervene and encourage people to call us. We will check whether there is illegal activity taking place,” added Mothapo.


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Sarah Koning

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