Xulu says City Power still pays him


City of Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba announced a while ago that after a forensic report into allegations of corruption within City Power, the board decided to dismiss managing director Sicelo Xulu. However, Xulu has revealed that he will still be paid by the power utility until his contract is terminated on 31 August.

City Power, Xulu said, informed him recently that they do not intend to institute disciplinary proceedings against him.

“In the interests of City Power I am released from my obligations to tender my services, but they would honour their obligations to me until the termination of my fixed term contract.”

Months after announcing an investigation into tenders within City Power, Mashaba said the findings recently made were damning. Xulu took voluntary leave shortly after the investigations started.

“To facilitate the investigation and in the belief that this would clear my name again, I proposed to the board of City Power that I would take special leave and would have an opportunity to present my input into the investigation report when this became available. I subsequently participated in an interview with the investigators and provided them with substantial information and willingly answered all queries that they raised with me.”

Xulu explained that allegations of corruption levelled against him by the City began in January. In February, Anthony Still was removed as MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Development because, he said, he would not, and legally could not, suspend Xulu while investigations were underway.

Xulu said many of the allegations made against him were not new.

“Having been the subject matter of previous investigations and reviews by reputable professional institutions such as a well-established auditing and forensic firm, a leading law firm, practising advocates and also by the Auditor General, all of which concluded that I was not implicated in any impropriety whatsoever.

“While there was talk of new evidence being available, this was not provided to City Power by the City of Johannesburg and on that basis, City Power had no legal basis to suspend me.”

Xulu said he has requested the recent forensic report but he has not been given a copy of it. “[I] have no knowledge whatsoever of the findings or whether there are, in fact, any allegations of impropriety on my behalf.”

Xulu requested to meet with City Power to discuss the allegations since he has ‘nothing to hide, [and] have had no involvement whatsoever in corruption at City Power or elsewhere’.

Xulu said he agrees that corruption must be stamped out and if he is afforded the opportunity to provide his input, any misconception that he is corrupt will be dispelled.


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