Pajama Day at Junior College Fourways

Teachers caught on camera in their pajamas. The little ones were so excited and found it very funny to see their teachers in pajamas.


Junior College Preschool Fourways recently held an exciting, fun-filled Pajama Day as part of its holiday programme.

Preschool is out and there is no need to wear normal clothes so the children arrived at preschool dressed in PJs ready to have an entertaining day. Each child coloured-in a picture of their choice and had it laminated by their wonderful teacher, Kirsten Muller.

Muller instructed her amazing class to cut up their picture and place the pieces into sealed plastic bags so they could display their beautiful artwork in puzzle-form.

Mila Wanda enjoys his puzzle building in his comfortable Spider man pajamas.

“The children loved piecing together their very own puzzles. Puzzle-building is an excellent educational activity for children to develop their cognitive, fine motor, social and problem-solving skills as well as stimulate their hand-eye coordination and boost their self-esteem,” said Muller.

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