Blow the whistle on people parking illegally in wheelchair parking

Martin Rosen shows a thumbs-down to Lamborghini drivers who parked illegally in the wheelchair parking bays on 24 June. Photo: Supplied

The public responded in agreement to an article published on the Sandton Chronicle’s website last week about Lamborghinis parked illegally in disabled parking bays at a shopping centre, sharing stories of similar situations and offering alternative solutions to the problem.

A reader from abroad, Martin Rosen, wrote to the Chronicle saying, “If it is any consolation the same thing happens here in the United Kingdom! One drives into a supermarket and in fairness the disabled bays in front of the store are often empty so there is a temptation to park there. However, on the basis that somebody who needs a space may visit, they should not be used by non-qualifying people. I feel a hefty fine should be given to motorists that wrongly use these spaces.”

Lamborghinis park illegally in disabled parking bays and cause serious fury

The QuadPara Association of South Africa (Qasa), an organisation committed to improving the lives by securing resources to advocate, educate, capacitate, mobilse and support quadriplegic and paraplegic people, weighed in on the issue. Ari Seirlis, CEO of Qasa, said the organisation is adamant that if you don’t use a wheelchair, then you do not make use of the wheelchair parking facilities.

“A whistle-blowing facility has been established by Qasa to allow the public to inform them of abusers of these facilities [which are] so important to the rights and freedom of wheelchair users,” said Seirlis.

The public is encouraged to take a picture, ensuring the vehicle registration is clear and wheelchair parking sign is visible and WhatsApp it to 073 853 9675 including the location, date and time. Qasa will then sensitise the offender by informing them of their offence.

“It takes away the confrontation, which is often very unpleasant. We receive between 50 and 60 messages every day and also contact shopping centres and encourage them to develop a management system for dealing with the problem,” added Seirlis.

Share your complaints with us on our Facebook page or visit the Qasa website on

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