Local songstress releases first single

Photo: Supplied Local singer Karly V has released her first single, Sometimes, after playing on the South African circuit for more than seven years.

Local songstress Karly V has finally released her first single, Sometimes, after performing live on the South African circuit for more than seven years.

Placed in front of the piano before she could walk, she began songwriting at the age of 12 and entertaining people at bars and markets across Joburg until now. Sandtonians might have caught her performing at the Bryanston Organic Market or at the Biru Restaurant in Rivonia.

Karly said, “Sometimes is about having a feeling that you don’t know how to express. It may be a feeling of frustration and anger, sadness or craziness.”

After writing a number of songs over the years, choosing one to debut was tough. “I produced the song together with Mark Beling and when I arrived at the studio I was messing around on his expensive keyboard and played the chorus for Sometimes, which I wrote in high school. Then I paired it with a verse I wrote on the spot. He heard it and said, ‘That’s the one’.”

The single has already featured on a number of local radio stations nationwide since its release on 23 June.

Karly V’s honest and confident attitude makes it seem easy for her to perform live but it wasn’t always that way. “When I started performing all those years ago, I could easily sing but struggled to talk to the crowd. Now I can come back with quirky remarks, but it has taken time. I get a natural high from performing and the interaction between myself and the audience.

“Music is one of the most powerful things. It can elate you, soothe you, and most importantly, make you feel like you’re not alone in the way you think or feel.”

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She hopes to release five more singles this year, followed by an EP. “People say to me that I’m 32 and what am I going to make of a music career so late, but I don’t care. I have life experience to my advantage. If I had released a single earlier, I would never have been ready.”

She described her songs as a mix of pop, electro and folk music with a vocally-based sound.

Sometimes is available on all online music platforms. To find out more about her upcoming performances, visit her Karly V Facebook page.

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