Taxi and Gautrain passengers are warned about a new crime trend

Sam Cretten, community development manager for Fidelity ADT.


The police have received several reports of incidents where people use taxis from the airport have been robbed at intersections. Gautrain users have also been mugged outside stations.

According to incidents reported to the Bramley Police Station and Fidelity ADT, criminals have followed several passengers in meter cabs or Uber taxis from the airport. At intersections, the criminals would stop behind them, walk up to the vehicle brandishing firearms and demand that the passengers hand over their valuables.

This modus operandi has been particularly prolific at the Catherine Road and Grayston Road intersection in Sandton.

Along with this, several incidents have been reported where Gautrain users exit the stations and, while they wait for a taxi or lift, they have been approached by armed criminals and robbed of their valuables.

Sam Cretten, community development manager for Fidelity ADT said, “This often happens when people are on their phones or distracted as they leave the stations. They have valuable items exposed, bags not zipped up and are perfect targets for opportunistic criminals lying in wait.

“Be alert when you exit the station. Get off your phone and put your valuable belongings away safely, out of site. If you suspect someone, seek help from the nearest security guard on duty,” she said.

Cretten also urged taxi passengers to keep a look out for any suspicious vehicles that may be following them. “Don’t become complacent just because you are in a taxi. Inform the driver of what has been happening at intersections and ask the driver to keep an eye out too.

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“Put all your valuables in the locked boot. If you suspect you are being followed ask the driver to drive to the nearest police station,” she said.


Have you been robbed while using a taxi or outside the Gautrain station? Share your stories with us on the Sandton Chronicle Facebook page.

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