Major accidents waiting to happen in Bryanston

The streetlamp outside 121 Coleraine Drive is an accident waiting to happen and was caused by a woman who fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed into it.


Bryanston resident, Trevor Joffe is extremely frustrated with the City, and he has more than one problem that are all extremely worrying.

Two weeks ago, a woman had fallen asleep behind the wheel and drove into a street lamp situated at 121 Coleraine Drive, Sandton. The street lamp now leans precariously to one side and its total collapse seems imminent. Joffe has lodged two complaints with City Power but has not heard anything back.

The leaking water on a main road in Bryanston which gives both Joffe and Pienaar many restless nights.

Along with the streetlamp, there has also been a constant flow of water which seems to come from 7A Abberfeldy Street in Morningside.

Joffe added, “Apart from the terrible waste of absolutely clear drinking water, the swish of cars driving over the water has been keeping me and my family up at night and could cause potholes in the future.”

Another outstanding problem, which has been unresolved for over two years, is the two electrical substation boxes on the pavement along Coleraine Drive which are not locked. Joffe added, “City power refuses to come and fix it with the resultant danger to the public with open electricity boxes, not to mention the compromise to my family’s security.”

Anton Pienaar stands next to the running water.

Anton Pienaar is the tenant at 121 Coleraine and is also extremely frustrated with the City’s lack of care. “This is a very busy road and the sound of cars going over the leaking water is so loud. It is also such a waste of water.

“As for the streetlamp, I was here when the car accident happened. The woman was medicated after being at the doctors and fell asleep and hit the streetlamp. A tow truck came to pick up the vehicle and the woman went home in an Uber. That was all that happened and now we are left with this lamp that looks like it’s going to fall over at any time.”

Sandton Chronicle contacted Ward 103 councillor Vincent Earp. He responded, “I sympathise with Joffe and Pienaar and their situation. I have reported all the issues to the relevant city departments for action. The damaged street light is a major problem. Not only must it be replaced but it is a security risk as the pole can be used to enter his property. I have asked City power to escalate this as a matter of urgency.”

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City Power and the City of Joburg’s spokesperson had not responded with comment by the time of publication.

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Jessica Knibbs

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