Food for underprivileged thanks to Crawford Pre-Primary

The Crawford Pre-Primary and Preparatory schoolchildren who handed over 100 food parcels to the underprivileged.


The schoolchildren at Crawford Pre-Primary and Preparatory recently gathered at the school to pack food hampers for the underprivileged.

To welcome the month of Ramadan, the parents and Islamic studies children packed a total of 100 hampers for families and delivered them to the less fortunate in the Bez Valley community of Hoffland Park Recreation Centre.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting to observe the second pillar of Islam. The first revelation of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was received in this month.

Fasting for Muslims during Ramadan typically includes the increased offering of salat (prayers), reciting the Quran, performing good deeds and charity.

Throughout the month of Ramadan, Muslims are encouraged to go out of their way to help the needy, and they believe that fasting helps one experience and empathise with those who are starving.

Ramadan is also meant to teach gratitude for, and appreciation of things that are usually taken for granted. There was a wonderful atmosphere at the school as everyone came together to make someone else’s life a little better.

Preparing to pack 100 food parcels for the underprivileged.

The youngsters said it was wonderful to see the joy on the faces when they handed over the hampers. They added that it was not only a day of giving back and making other people’s lives a bit better but also making new friends along the way.

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