UPDATE: School in Lonehill talks security following attempted hijacking of a parent

A security guard stands at the entrance of Crawford College Lonehill.


Quick thinking and intuition saved a Bryanston resident and avoided an incident which could have cost her her life.

For many people in Joburg, the sad truth is that we need to be extra vigilant at all times and unfortunately can’t trust everybody. This was a case in point for a Bryanston resident who wishes to remain anonymous.

The woman was at a local coffee shop in Lonehill on 5 May. She was wearing a Rolex watch. “The waitress was acting strangely, she asked for my pin number more than once and I suspected later that there must have been a link to the waitress and the events that unfolded after.”

The front gate of Crawford College Lonehill where the woman was tailgated by a repossessed VW that has no affiliation with the school.

The woman then left the coffee shop in her white BMW and drove towards the Crawford College Lonehill. A VW vehicle followed her into the school. “It was when I left the school that I actually noticed the car for the first time, as school had not finished yet and it was strange to see any vehicles at that time,” said the woman.

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It was on the corner of Culross and Mount streets that a man got out of the car, allegedly took out a gun and knocked on her window. It was at this moment the woman realised what was happening and was able to reverse her car at full speed and drive away from them.

Sandton Chronicle posed the question to Crawford College Lonehill, as to why it was so easy for the VW vehicle to enter the property when they had no affiliation with the school.

Managing director of Crawford Schools, Anwar Karrim said, “Regrettably adequate security control was not exercised at the time of this incident. We are fully cooperating with the investigation and have instituted additional security measures to ensure the safety of our students, parents and staff.”

Andre Snyman from eBlockwatch said, “This is a major crime trend we are seeing, especially with staff members in shopping malls who notice expensive jewellery and alert the criminals. We have even had a few incidents and evidence of staff members at supermarkets who alert these spotters when a person buys dairy products, especially milk, as they know they will need to be driving home soon which means they will be a perfect candidate for criminal activity.”

No injuries were sustained and the VW vehicle’s registration has been traced to a bank’s repossessed car. The woman added that the number plate must have been cloned.


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