Wendywood residents say big ‘NO’ to plans for a cell tower in Umtata Park

Residents in Umtata Park strongly object the cell mast installation and believe it is an intrusion of the peace and privacy that currently prevails.


Wendywood residents have joined forces and unity in their disapproval for a proposed Telkom cell mast erection in Umtata Park.

ATC is the appointed installer of the cellphone mast and the installation is regarded by residents as an intrusion on the peace and privacy that currently prevails. Chairman of the objectors committee at Wendywood, Ronnie Meyer said, “The proposed cell mast installation is in direct contravention as stipulated in the initial deed of transfer of Umtata Park property. It is an unsightly and ugly monstrosity and an invasion of property values in a public recreation area in the form of Umtata Park.”

Ward 109 councillor, Werner Smit, supports the residents in this opposition and has addressed the issue to Smit and Fisher Planning (SFP) and also to ATC. Signed petitions from homeowners, objection letters from surrounding schools and the schoolchildren’s parents were also included.

A 97-page objection document relating to a previous cancelled Vodacom cell mast installation was also submitted to SFP and to ATC. SFP were unavailable for comment and said any communication should be through ATC.

Executive head of ATC, Rhoda O’Hara said, “We have submitted an application to COJ [City of Joburg] for approval to construct tower facilities in Umtata Park. We are aware that objections to a previous application for a tower facility in the area were submitted by various parties. The application process, as defined by COJ, is that COJ will consider the application made by us, together with all responses received from interested parties and will make a final decision on the approval or rejection of the erection of the proposed tower facility. We await the outcome of the COJ’s review and the processing of its application.”

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City of Joburg’s spokesperson, Virgil James added, “We will never allow an installation to happen if it is hazardous to the community. Certain tests and approvals need to be made and certain items need to be satisfied before anything can happen. Part of the approval will be down to two things, one being location, as in how well it blends into the environment and the second being the community’s approval. As always, safety is of paramount importance and council will have the final decision.”

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Jessica Knibbs

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