DA to share best methods of reporting service delivery concerns in Sandton

Ward 103 councillor, Werner Smit stresses the importance of developing a culture of reporting service delivery concerns in communities.


The Democratic Alliance’s Sandton and Alex constituency is launching a public awareness campaign throughout 8 wards in the City of Joburg which focuses on the best methods to report service delivery concerns.

The campaign will cover Ward 102 (Randburg), Ward 103, 91 and 109 (Sandton), Ward 90 (Craighall, Sandhurst, Hyde Park and Dunkeld) and Ward 117 (the Parks, Saxonwold and Rosebank).

Around 56 000 flyers with advice for citizens were printed and will be distributed door-to-door, at intersections, information tables in shopping centres, via residents’ associations, through councillors’ electronic newsletters and to the media.

Shadow Minister for Labour, Ian Ollis said, “Far too often residents and ratepayers are unaware of the quickest and simplest methods of reporting a pothole, broken streetlight, power outage, water leak, grass cutting or a billing query.

“Our useful and informative pamphlets aim to inform residents how to ‘look and log’ their concerns and get better service delivery. Our seven City councillors, the Members of Parliament for the area, and I will be present for a coffee meeting on 15 May at the Hodges coffee shop at Craighall Park at 10am to explain our campaign to local journalists for print, online and radio media.”

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Ward 103 councillor Werner Smit added, “It is important to develop a culture of reporting in our communities that will improve service delivery in the City of Joburg and help monitor the performance of the municipality.

“An important pillar for the new DA lead administration is ‘service with pride’. I log plenty of issues like sewage leaks and potholes to the respective entities and the hit rate is high. It’s important to provide accurate information when logging.

“Another area to keep in mind is that sewerage and water leaks fall under Joburg Water but storm water pipes on roadsides are managed and maintained by the Joburg Roads Agency.”


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