WATCH: Bryanston resident follows intuition and avoids life-threatening situation

The suspect's vehicle has reportedly been identified as a repossessed car.

A Bryanston resident was able to think quickly and avoided an incident which could have taken her life.

The woman was at a local coffee shop in Lonehill having lunch with a friend on 5 May. She was wearing a Rolex watch and diamond ring, and said the waitress was acting a little strange. “She asked me for my credit card pin when it came to paying. I remember my friend and I looking at each other … it was very strange,” the woman explained.

She suspects the waitress to be an accomplice as she had in fact asked for the pin number twice. The woman also told Sandton Chronicle that she had mentioned to the waitress that she needed to leave at a certain time to drop off her children’s bags at their school.

“The waitress reminded us of the time and that we needed to go,”  she said. The woman said that there was such attention to detail that she suspects that there was a link to the waitress and what happened afterwards. ” It was all just too strange,”  she added. She mentioned that looking back, she believes the waitress was tracking them,  maybe to alert the men in the car as to her location and destination.

The woman left the restaurant in her white BMW and drove towards Crawford College to drop off her children’s sports kits.

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As she was driving into the school’s parking area, a silver VW vehicle tailgating her. “The security guard seemed to notice and approached the car. The driver drove away,”  she said. At this stage, the woman did not know the vehicle was following her.

WATCH: Woman followed out of children's school before attempted hijacking in Bryanston.

Posted by Sandton Chronicle on Wednesday, 10 May 2017


However, a short time later the same vehicle drove back onto the school’s property and as the woman was attempting to leave the school, through the bottom gate, she noticed the car. “The bottom gate was closed, and so I had to drive back up to the front gate. I noticed the car because of the time. I remember thinking ‘What child would be leaving the school at such an odd time. School had not finished yet.'”

WATCH: Suspects re-enter the school even though school security had been alerted of their suspicious behaviour.

Posted by Sandton Chronicle on Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The woman explained that what scared her was the fact that this car was on the school’s property with armed men inside. “I think they were willing to take a chance but there were too many children around.”

She then drove away from the school and stopped at the corner of Culross and Mount streets.

This was when she noticed the VW vehicle was driving on the wrong side of the road and parked facing oncoming traffic. “I remember thinking ‘What are these men doing?’ A man got out of the car and approached me. He took out his gun, it was a revolver, and knocked on my window.”

The woman said there was a car in front of her, so she could not drive forward. Instead, she reversed and drove in the opposite direction.

WATCH: Woman reverses at high speed to get away from suspects attempting to hijack her in Bryanston.

Posted by Sandton Chronicle on Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Andre Snyman from eBlockwatch said, “This is a major crime trend we are seeing and we urge members of the public to be on the lookout, especially when leaving shopping malls. A spotter will be checking on them. We see this more with staff members in shopping malls who notice expensive jewellery and alert the criminals.


“We have even had a few incidents and evidence of staff members at Checkers who alert these spotters when a person buys dairy products, especially milk as they know they will need to be driving home soon which means they will be a perfect candidate for criminal activity.”

No injuries were sustained and the VW vehicle’s registration has been traced to a bank’s repossessed car. The woman said the number plate must have been cloned.

Snyman concluded, “These criminal activities are a major concern to us all and, as such, we have a follow me home system we are putting in place to protect us all. Details will be available soon. Thankfully this lady was an excellent driver and was able to use her intuition which probably saved her life.”


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