Successful recycling race at Montrose Primary


Montrose Primary School recently held a fun day to encourage schoolchildren to use recycled materials.

Schoolchildren made banners and outfits and then had to run, swim and slide in a bid to be the fastest athlete. Grades participated against each other and the children were challenged and pushed to their limits to finish the race.

Schoolchildren tackle one of the obstacles in the race.


Those who struggled were commended for the extra effort, courage and determination they showed.

The schoolchildren won a medal for participating and during the school assembly, the prizes were handed out to the top three athletes per grade.

Mr Sweet was the main sponsor of the event, and the schoolchildren recieved the most wonderful goodie bags filled with treats.

The ‘Funathlon’ cake for the schoolchildren.

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Aidy Pillay from Aidy’s Good Foods made and donated a spectacular class cake for the children to share. The Montrose Parents’ Association was delighted with the overall funds raised by the classes.

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