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The Institute 4 Success (I4S) is a non-profit organisation with a passion and drive for those who are not in the privileged position to study at a tertiary institution.

The institute does not only pride itself on hard working and committed staff, but on people who love their country and want to see it thrive.

Doctor Vijay Bahadur, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of I4S, is a South African entrepreneur, an expert in entrepreneurial development, a success coach and a lecturer. He said South Africa is filled with potential greatness and we need to nurture the rough diamonds that are walking around in our streets to become the future of a strong country.

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For Bahadur it was a simple quest of answering the question ‘Where do I go?’ that led to a life changing, generation shaking endeavour. He wrote a book Succeed with nothing that sold over 5 000 copies. The book teaches you to take what you love and turn it into an entrepreneurial success.

Bahadur said he is committed to entrepreneurial success, as long as you don’t give up. I4S focuses on each individual and their individual needs.

“If you don’t have transport to come to Johannesburg, to attend lectures, we will make sure that you receive your information and study material via SMS, email or whatever source of communication you can think of,” said Bahadur.

“I4S is willing to go the distance if you are and everything that I4S offers, comes at no cost. If you want to learn and if you want to improve yourself, I4S can definitely help you and guide you through your journey,” explained Bahadur.

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