DA urges members to donate

Ward 102 councillor David Potter urges DA voters to help with election campaigns and much more by donating via debit orders.


Following the 2016 local government elections and support, both financially and with votes, the Democratic Alliance (DA) now governs multiple metros and municipalities across the country, including the City of Johannesburg. Ward 102 councillor David Potter said, “Whilst it has been no easy task to govern and turn around metros and municipalities that were inherited with flaws, corruption, mismanagement and the like, our mayors and their teams are working tirelessly to deliver the alternative governments that were promised.”

A successful campaign to raise funds was held in 2015 and needs to continue as the DA work towards the 2019 general elections.

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“The DA has set up a simple debit order donation system and I encourage those of you who would like the DA to achieve much more, to sign a donation debit order. Your donations help run election campaigns, help fund much-necessary court action and much more,” said Potter.

Debit orders can be for any amount larger than R20 per month and also allows for a once-off donation.

“Donations allow a strong, growing alternative to the current government at a provincial and national level and alternative local government which we are delivering on in the metros and municipalities in which we govern. The DA is the difference between a one-party state and a multi-party democracy in our country. If the DA succeeds, democracy will succeed with it. If the DA fails, South Africa will become a de facto one-party state,” concluded Potter.

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Jessica Knibbs

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