UPDATE: Suspects who broke into Boutique Haute Horlogerie at Hyde Park Corner arrested

The owner of Boutique Haute Horlogerie jewellery store in Hyde Park Corner store shows where one of the gunshots hit.

Five suspects were arrested on 16 April for the break in at Boutique Haute Horlogerie at Hyde Park Corner and police seized a rental vehicle suspected to have been used in the commission of the crime. The statement stated, “An intelligence-driven operation by the SAPS Provincial Trio Task Team in Gauteng led to the swift arrest of five male suspects whose ages range from 23 to 36.”

In the statement the Gauteng Provincial Commissioner of Police, Lieutenant General Deliwe de Lange, has welcomed the arrest of five suspects following the robbery at a jewellery shop last week, as police in Gauteng declare war on trio crimes – business robbery, house robbery and hijacking. Lieutenant General De Lange commended and thanked members for their hard work and concerted effort in fighting trio crimes.

Update 15 April 3pm

Four suspects broke into Boutique Haute Horlogerie jewellery store in Hyde Park Corner, on 13 April at 11.30am.  The men allegedly entered the jewellery store, located on the second level and began shooting at the glass window.

Tasha’s coffee shop, which is directly opposite the jewellery store, was packed with customers including children. A waiter at Tasha’s, who wishes to remain anonymous, said, “We saw four men enter the store and they opened fire. They shot through the glass [display cabinets] and just started grabbing jewellery. All our customers ran to the end of the mall and the suspects then walked out.”

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Two customers were in the store at the time and paramedics were called to the scene but no injuries were sustained. An Easter Lego display was set up directly below the store, with many children in the vicinity.

People gather after a jewellery store was robbed in Hyde Park Corner.

Annika van Niekerk, who works with the children said, “We heard loud bangs and what sounded like glass breaking; I grabbed all the children and we ran into a store and shut the doors. Luckily most of the children were able to find their parents who were not far away. This is the second time this has happened. Last year at this time, we also experienced a robbery but not on this level.”

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A security guard for Burberry store, next to Hermes, Raphael Nyoni said, “We heard gunshots and I quickly ran and shut the doors and moved everybody in the store to the back room and waited until it was safe to come out.”

Jonathan Spiers, who also works at the Lego display said, “I heard the noises and knew immediately it was gunshots as I own a gun. I saw about four men, one was dressed in a red top holding a 9mm pistol. We heard around three gunshots and then I saw the men casually walk out the store and noticed the pistol was out of ammunition as the barrel was pushed back.”
The suspects fled the scene with an unknown quantity of jewellery and are still at large.

Update, 13 April, 11.33am

Regional marketing executive for Hyde Park Corner, Rieghardt Marais, has responded to the robbery that occurred in Hyde Park this morning. He said, “Security personnel in conjunction with the South African Police Services responded to an armed robbery this morning at Hyde Park Corner. Armed men robbed Boutique Haute Horligerie in the centre.”

The scene has been secured, no persons were injured during the robbery. Suspects are still at large, police are currently on the scene and investigating the incident, Marais said.

He added that the centre is operating as normal.

Initial Report, 13 April, 10.36am

According to social media reports there has been a shoot-out at Hyde Park Corner. More on the story as details unfold.


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