How has the drought affected you?

The North Eastern Tribune took to the streets to ask Joburg residents how the drought has affected them. Here is what you had to say …

RIN TAKAHASHI: I’m from Japan and so for me, it’s really been the price of fruit that’s affected me. I love bananas and the price has increased since last year.

PHELELANI NYATHIKAZI: As a student in varsity, it is already hard enough to stick to a budget, and now with the recent drought, it has made it that much harder. It’s like I don’t even see where my money goes, everything is so expensive.

LUCAS MANGENA: Fortunately, I was not affected greatly as far as having access to water every day is concerned because I spend most of my time at work. But the cost of basic living has made a dent in my pockets, for sure.

DANIEL BATYI: I have really been affected by it. I have literally had to change my life because of it. I used to be a carpenter but because of recent financial issues caused by the drought, I am now literally doing whatever I can to get by. As you can see, I am mixing cement right now.

sizwe Shabalala

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