Redhill School makes waves in Delville pool in Germiston

Top swimmers of co-educated schools in Gauteng compete for top honours at the Delville pool in Germiston.


Top swimmers of co-ed schools in Gauteng competed at gala at the Delville pool in Germiston.

And the ‘Reds’ were there making waves. Redhill School saw its top swimmers win three gold, five silver and two bronze medals. Luke Ashton won gold medals in the 50m butterfly and breaststroke races. Kelly Fairon grabbed silver for the individual medley and bronze medals for the breaststroke and butterfly races. Joshua Goldberg and Camryn Lowman earned silver in backstroke and breaststroke respectively.

The U16 and Open teams won bronze and silver medals respectively for the mixed medley race and also went home with two silver medals for the mixed freestyle relay.

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Executive head of school and swimming coach, Joseph Gerassi said, “We as a school are very proud of our swimmers – three gold, five silver and two bronze is an achievement. The early morning training, dedication from team members, parents and the Redhill community’s support has paid off.”

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