Crime tips from the police

Midrand police said, “Crime incidents surrounding motor vehicles are a real concern in Midrand, accounting for nearly half the crime reported in the area. This is a real concern because in many cases these crimes can be prevented by a more vigilant approach by drivers.”

He said the incidence of theft out of motor vehicles was not simply the result of the use by criminals of jamming devices, but there was also an increase of windows being smashed or doors being forced to gain entry to the vehicle. ‘Spare wheels affixed to 4×4 vehicles are being stolen. People driving expensive cars are being targeted as they are perceived to be wearing jewellery and carrying smartphones.”

The policing forum gives the following crime tips:

  •  Do not walk away from your vehicle after just pressing the remote, physically check that the vehicle is locked.
  •  Do not believe that car guards will guard your car against the theft of laptops and phones.
  •  Do not leave anything in full sight in your car.
  •  Do not drive with your car doors unlocked.
  •  Do not drive with your windows open.
  •  Do not drive with your handbag on the passenger seat.
  •  Be alert all the time and ensure you are not followed. If in doubt do not enter your driveway.
  •  Do not wear flashy jewellery.
  •  Do not withdraw large sums of money
Nokuthula Sonile

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