Security company gives residents some tips on how to enjoy the outdoors safely


Science has proven the many benefits of being outdoors, and we are all aware of the amount of fun that can be had enjoying the open air.

Spending time outside, especially in natural spaces, positively affects us physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally, which is why it is so important for us to get up, lock up and get out of the house.

“Anyone looking at a Google Earth view of Johannesburg will see a city covered with trees, suburbs and large green open spaces. “While Johannesburg’s open spaces lack the seas and mountains of the Western Cape and KZN cities, we are blessed with large parks, lakes and cycling trails that lead throughout the city,” said Jason Mordecai, the CEO of 7Arrows Security.

“Unfortunately these areas also play host to opportunistic criminals.”

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Recent reports and stats indicate that many Joburg residents prefer to stay indoors and at home in fear of the danger lurking in public spaces. Although some spaces do host criminals and are places we tell our children to avoid, we shouldn’t be locked away inside of our homes due to fear.

“It is important for all of us to use our public spaces, and appreciate them. However, and in most instances, a level of vigilance and precaution is required,” he added.

The following safety precautions should facilitate a great day out and away from the TV:

  • Choose an area that is well populated and frequently used. Avoid solitary areas, especially highly vegetated areas that prevent you from visually assessing movement around you
  • Don’t go alone – find your park buddy, ask a friend or a family member to go with you and enjoy the day outside
  • Find a location where you can easily spot danger
  • Set some ground rules for your children. Explain where they may and may not go; create a visual perimeter. Nominate a rendezvous point in case they get lost and give them a verbal command that means they must come back to you immediately
  • Teach them stranger danger – children should always be taught not to talk to people who they don’t know and to always be cautious around strangers
  • Leave your valuables at home. People without valuables present a much smaller target to opportunistic criminals
  • City bylaws prevent the consumption of alcohol in the city’s parks. Unfortunately, this rule is often ignored. Avoid groups that are engaged in drinking, as this is a common source of public disturbance issues
  • Lock valuables away in the boot of your car and check that your car is locked by physically testing the door handle

Find your nearest public park on the SANParks website:

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Robyn Kirk

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