Caxton Greater Joburg on top!


The 2016 Caxton Excellence Awards was a night to remember.

With entertainment by comedic genius Dr Riaad Moosa and local Converse, Get Out of the Garage, competition 2012 competition winner Matthew Mole, the night will not soon be forgotten by select Caxtonites who were finalists in over 30 categories.

Steampunk decor and dress at the Globe at Silverstar Casino took guests into a retro-futuristic world.

Caxton Local Media has over 130 local newspapers countrywide with 72 title websites and more than 10 Get It magazines. All were represented at this year’s awards but, as we know, there can only be one winner.

The Caxton Greater Joburg North branch, home of Get It Joburg North magazine and 11 local newspapers and title websites, came out on top at the awards with three wins and four nominations.

The branch’s Talita Jacobs, Nooraan Khan and Kyle Marais won Best Written and Designer Small Advertisement and Kate Argo, Dan Ashwin, Eleen du Buisson, Norman Dawe, Michelle Vahl and Kym Argo won Best Non-editorial Advertisement Feature in print and/or digital.

Our Joburg North Get It won Best Get It Magazine with editor Samantha Richardson taking home the award.

Greater Joburg North branch were in the top three finalists for Best Front Page of the Year with Northcliff/Melville Times, and Best Free Newspaper of the Year for Randburg Sun, under the editorship of Aimee McGill.

Alex News, edited by Megan Tyack was nominated for Emerging Market Newspaper of the Year. And Ashtyn Mackenzie, Randburg Sun journalist, was nominated for Best Contribution to the Citizen, Caxton’s daily newspaper.

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