Dr Seuss Day

Sienna Pestana, Noah Moodley, Karusha Pillay, Nozipho Mphambela and Riccardo Puzone.


Junior Colleges Tiny Town celebrated World Book Day together with Dr Seuss Day.

Tiny Town teacher, Karusha Pillay dressed up as Cat in the Hat, a very well-known Dr Seuss character.

Dr Seuss is the master of wordplay and lovable, unforgettable characters. Children at Junior Colleges Tiny Town revisited their favourite Dr Seuss stories in honour of his birthday and World Book Day.

It is a known fact that reading to children at an early age and encouraging them to be book lovers, adds to the child’s literacy development.

Children begin learning long before their formal education begins. Early reading helps develop a child’s memory, vocabulary, concentration, their imagination and life skills. Dr Seuss books have the magical blend of education and entertainment. With enchanting worlds and wonderful creatures, both familiar and unfamiliar.

Dr Seuss teaches young readers many admirable life lessons. The Lorax is an example of a lovely book for teaching children the importance of caring for the environment and earth’s natural resources. Junior Colleges children’s favourite Dr Seuss saying is: “If you never did you should; these things are fun and fun is good.”

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