Teens Tulk nurtures future leaders

Teens Tulk Africa is a teen development organisation that works with young people in under-resourced communities.

It is one of the largest African community foundations and was established to help teenagers lead positive lives. The foundation is committed to local causes and wants to solve communities’ most pressing needs, including hunger and education.


Its main aim is to bring change to society and to the lives of every teenager in Africa. At Teen Tulk, it’s about fully understanding what it’s like to be a teenager, the challenges they are likely to come across, and this means working hand in hand with as many teenagers as possible in Africa.

Teen Tulk is about empowering teens to become future leaders and to motivate and strengthen them so that every dream is reachable.

“Teen Tulk is a second home to all teenagers out there, white or black, tall or short, able or [disabled], we cater for all teenagers from around Africa,” states their website.

Details: www.teentulkafrica.wordpress.com

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Jessica Knibbs

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