What’s the point of Metro police?

A motorist disobeys a traffic signal.

Anthony Bass from Sandton writes:

As can be seen in the attached photograph, red lights and compulsory turning arrows are completely ignored at Grayston and Rivonia roads.

Seeing that our so-called traffic department can’t be bothered to enforce this rule in Johannesburg, I suggest the time has come to remove all this visible pollution that we have in our city. Is there any point anymore? It is creating more pollution as it is of no use whatsoever. It can very easily be removed.

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Maybe, an alternative would be to remove Metro police in its entirety and employ a proper traffic department. If they consistently refuse to enforce the laws of our city, why are they here? If they are at an intersection stopping lawbreakers, they will choose the corner or direction that has the smallest amount of traffic and lawbreakers and then position themselves in full view of the whole world saying ‘here we are’.

The worst offenders, the taxis, know that they have a 99 per cent chance of not being stopped by them, so why bother, just do as you wish when you wish.

Now we know why the death toll on our roads is so high because the rule of law is not being enforced.

Our new mayor needs to seriously look at the Metro police and make it once again a real tool in law enforcement and regulation in our city.

Chronicle Reporter

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