Hollard daredevils get the ball rolling


Insurance company Hollard held its annual Daredevil Run media launch ahead of the upcoming run on 24 March, to raise awareness about cancers that affect men.

The run will start at 3pm at the Zoo Lake sports club in Parkview.

Heidi Brauer, Hollard chief marketing officer, shed some light on the run, “The Daredevil Run was started in a bar when a bunch of guys dared somebody to run down the road in a Speedo to raise money for charity. And it has turned into a countrywide run to raise awareness about testicular and prostate cancer.

“It is important for us to help create awareness for people to look after themselves. And last year, we identified 100 men that were at risk of cancer and referred them for further investigation.”

The Hollard Daredevil Run media launch took place this week.

Testicular cancer survivor Torsten Koehler, who is CEO and founder of the Love Your Nuts campaign, has agreed to be the run’s ambassador this year. “When somebody came to me and told me that hearing my story saved their life because it made them go to the doctor and detect it early, it motivated me to start this foundation. I realised that if I’m talking balls, I’m actually saving lives,” said Koehler.

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After he was diagnosed with testicular cancer 21 years ago, he realised it was not subject to age. “The youngest testicular patient that was there with me was 12 years old. So please, don’t think it’s just old men.”

He founded Love Your Nuts two years ago to help men talk openly about medical issues and not to be hesitant to visit a doctor. “We men often think we’re brave, but when it comes to going to the doctor we’re not. And I always love to compare the body with a car. If your car starts giving you trouble, you immediately take it in to get checked out because it’s important to us. So let’s do the same with our bodies.”

If you will be taking part in the run, feel free to send pictures to us on the day in your purple Speedo via  @RK_Gazette

Nikita Fernandes and Shanice Naidoo

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