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Val Stewart often receives thank you letters for the charity work she does.


A caring 90-year-old Sandton resident, Val Stewart, dedicates most of her time to helping animals.

Even though she has been doing charity work for the past few decades, she believes there is still so much more that she can do to help animals in need, specifically those at the Sandton SPCA.

Many may recognise Stewart from the Benmore shopping centre’s Pick n Pay, where she collects money and food for the Sandton SPCA. “I sit outside the shop every Saturday from about 8.30am until 2pm and collect money and animal food. I have been doing these collections for more than 20 years,” she said.

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Now that winter is around the corner, she dedicates hours of her time to knitting jerseys for homeless and abandoned animals. Any community members who would like to donate wool to her for this project can contact the Sandton SPCA.

Stewart stressed that nothing ever went to waste because she donated all excess wool to her church and also used wool to knit teddy bears for underprivileged children.

She admitted that all her charity work took up a lot of her time but said, “When I see those little faces it is all worth it.”

It has been brought to her attention that the Sandton SPCA is in serious need of new trucks. Unfortunately, their current two trucks have severe gearbox problems. “I am urging any residents who know someone who can assist to please contact the SPCA. Repairing of the trucks would be amazing but purchasing new ones would be even better,” concluded Stewart.

Details: [email protected]

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