Harassed by car guards

The car guards who are operating at 11th Street, Parkmore, have concerned residents.


There is an array of restaurants and shops along 11th Street, Parkmore but there are no formal parking bays.

Those who wish to visit these restaurants and shops have to park on the road and, according to Kate Wardle, deputy chairperson of the Parkmore Community Association, these visitors become victims of aggressive car guards.

Wardle said, “11th Street has ongoing issues with a small number of car guards who frequently drink excessively and are aggressive towards customers. The association has been working hard with businesses and the police to address this.”

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She highlighted last year that a number of new car guards were screened by the police’s sector commander and this has radically reduced the number of break-ins into vehicles.

It is important to note, there are only a very small group of guards that are an issue, she added. “However, the three ‘problem’ guards remain. Despite the best efforts from 24/7 Security to monitor these guards and try to intervene, it is not within their remit or right to remove them or arrest them.”

Wardle believes that until Metro police enforce the bylaws in this section, the behaviour will continue unabated. She added that there are a number of bylaw infringements that are a problem on the streets in the area, including the way taxis drive dangerously each morning and evening on the wrong side of the road, the illegal vendors, hawkers and these car guards.

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“If [Metro police] could, as requested each month over the past year, show a bigger presence, we could revamp this area and make it a safe and upbeat area for all residents.”

Metro police spokesperson, Edna Mamonyane stressed that residents are under no obligation to pay these car guards. “The only time that payment is compulsory is when there is a parking meter. People must be careful, as these car guards can get aggressive and harass drivers.”

Mamonyane explained that she has personally had to deal with these persistent car guards outside numerous shopping complexes where there is no formal parking available. “I tell these car guards that they simply cannot operate like this, harassing people and making them uncomfortable. These car guards could easily land up getting arrested for harassment as they can get carried away.”

She concluded that she would send Metro officers to the area to investigate the matter further.

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