Belgrave bridge reopens

Ward 103 councillor Vincent Earp has been dealing with the issue of the Belgrave bridge for several months.


The closure of the Belgrave bridge caused friction between residents last year with some residents wanting the bridge reopened with others wanting it to remain closed.

In the article, Blocked bridge angers resident, Week ending 30 September, a Bryanston resident, Garreth Elston, who makes frequent use of the bridge, said he was unimpressed by the closure as the bridge was frequently used to avoid traffic on surrounding main roads.

However, in the article, Bridge saga continues, Week ending 25 November, Riverclub resident, Jacomein Davidson, said the closure helped reduce crime in the area.

The Johannesburg Roads Agency made the decision to reopen the bridge in December last year and Ward 103 councillor, Vincent Earp explained, “The opening of Belgrave bridge in December was to help alleviate traffic congestion. All the [agency] did prior to the reopening was paint road markings and put cat eyes along the bridge.”

It was also previously reported that Earp was concerned about the safety of the bridge, particularly during flooding. Earp believed that people in small cars, on motorbikes and bicycles, and pedestrians are most at risk and will battle to make their way across the bridge during heavy rainfall. It is for this reason that Earp was eager to see the safety of the bridge improved.

He added that the cat eyes were already faulty and this was a cause for concern. Earp had reported this issue to the agency and was assured that the faulty cat eyes would be fixed.

“Starting Monday 9 January, [the roads agency] has told me that they will be de-silting [removal of matter such as fine sand] the river at the bridge. They will be installing bollards, new road signage and putting in lighting,” said Earp.

The councillor is looking forward to a safer, well-lit road in the near future.

The road agency’s spokesperson, Bertha Peters-Scheepers said, “Repairs to Belgrave bridge were undertaken in December and the bridge is now safe and open to the public. There is still additional work that will be undertaken in January, however, the impact to traffic will be minimal.”

She added that the agency wished to thank residents for their patience and understanding while the essential bridge repairs were underway.

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