Joburg – you are beautiful!

While the devastation the floods left behind them was tragic, to say the least, and while so many lost so much, Joburgers really pulled together as a community to help those affected.

While we sometimes have the reputation of being unfriendly, uncaring and not community orientated, we truly proved to the world that when it counts, we are there for one another.

The news of the little girl who slipped from her father’s grip in Alex and fell into the raging Jukskei River was heartbreaking, but watching the Alex community comfort her parents in their time of need and hearing about the rescue teams who left no stone unturned in their search for her, gave me a sense of hope.

A young couple, whose dog ran away during the floods, also felt the magic of our beautiful community uniting to help them in their ongoing bid to find their beloved Toboe, a white pit bull terrier.

The floods and the havoc that followed was not a happy time for our community, but my faith in humanity and in the beautiful people who live in our city is stronger than ever. There have been donations of food to those in need as well as to those emergency staff members who assisted the community in their time of need.

My call on the community is to not lose their compassion and willingness to help others. While the water may have subsided, there are still so many people who are in need – emotionally and physically.

As we all start planning our December holidays, please think of those people who have not returned home for years because they cannot afford it. Think of those who are not sure where their next meal is going to come from, never mind the fact that they will most likely be alone and cold on Christmas day.

I am not trying to make anyone feel guilty about taking a holiday, or saying you should hand over your hard-earned money to those less fortunate. My suggestion is simple, think about these people and do what you can, when you can … even if your support is a simple good morning smile.

Megan Tyack

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